Bayfield, Ont.’s newest public art display has been unveiled.

Six iron sailboats, emblazoned with scenes depicting Bayfield’s marine heritage, will soon be distributed across the shoreline town.
“I think it’s a beautiful project, because it combines visual arts and the community, and also the fishing vessels, which the history of Bayfield is about the history of fishing vessels, so it’s wonderful,” said one of the Set Sail artists Carol Finkbeiner-Thomas.

The iron sailboat sculptures, each depicting a historical Bayfield fishing vessel, were forged by Huron County blacksmith Jim Wallace.

Squirrell said the sailboats will be on display in Clan Gregor Square this weekend before finding their permanent homes on municipal land around Bayfield Monday morning.

“It adds an extra element of tourism interest. Bayfield is already a tourist town, so we wanted to add another interesting component to come to Bayfield,” said Squirrell.

The iron sailboats, funded by a Federal Government grant, help to put a bow on a nearly $3 million reconstruction of Bayfield’s entire Main Street.

“Bayfield is a bonus place, now. Of course, the Main Street is virtually finished, with the final sidewalks being poured. It’s a great spot,” said the project’s blacksmith Jim Wallace.

“There’s a lot to come and see that’s fresh in Bayfield,” said Squirrell.

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