Marine Heritage honoured with new ‘sailboat’ public art in Bayfield, Ont.

Bayfield, Ont.’s newest public art display has been unveiled. Six iron sailboats, emblazoned with scenes depicting Bayfield’s marine heritage, will soon be distributed across the shoreline town. “I think it’s a beautiful project, because it combines visual arts and the community, and also the fishing vessels, which the history of Bayfield is about the history of fishing vessels, so it’s wonderful,” said one of the Set Sail artists

Bayfield Sailboat Public Art Project

The Bayfield Sails Project initiated by the Bayfield Centre for the Arts (BCA) in 2022 is about to culminate in a special viewing of the completed sailboat sculptures at an event in Clan Gregor Square over the weekend of May 13-14. The Bayfield Sails Project is intended to honor the marine history of Bayfield and Lake Huron. The completed project consists of six sailboat sculptures, made of iron

Bayfield Mural

Thanks to Huron County funding, the Bayfield Mural by artist Meaghan Kehoe is now completed! As a first of its kind mural painted in Bayfield, and part of a mural trail planned for 6 communities in Huron County, the Bayfield mural is a huge success. The sweeping organic edges of the east and west sides of the mural draw the eye from the plain walls of the Bayfield

The Bayfield Mural Project

The BCA presents the final sketch for the mural to be painted on the arena wall on Jane St. with funds provided by Huron County Economic Development. The BCA along with a volunteer community committee is managing the mural from concept to completion. The Great Blue Heron in the mural represents the graceful and abundant bird life of Bayfield and can be found on the river banks

Bayfield Sails Public Art Project

BCA proposes to install 6 sailboat sculptures, made of iron and powder coated, with "sails" made of lexan that are hand painted by artists and installed on Municipal properties in Bayfield. The Bayfield Sails Project intends to honour the marine history of Bayfield and Lake Huron with the design of the hulls replicating specific boats such as the Helen McLeod and the sailboats manufactured by Bayfield Boat

The BCA is proud to announce an Executive Director !

“I am pleased to announce John Rishworth as BCA’s Executive Director. John is taking the helm at an opportune time, as we emerge from the pandemic and look to the future”, says Leslee Squirrell, BCA President. “John brings more than 3 decades of experience working in marketing, communications, fundraising events and leadership development, most recently as Vice President Business Development at Infinity Communications.” “I’m excited to be

Call for Submissions for Year of Land or Lake 2022

Year of Land or Lake An "off the wall" style fundraiser for the BCA. In 2021 we held our first very successful event. We received donations of over 50 paintings and welcomed close to 350 visitors during this two-day event. We listened to our artist and guest suggestions and have made some exciting changes for 2022. CONCEPT: This is a fundraising event for the Bayfield Centre For The Arts

A Journey of Creativity

The Arts Trail on 21 is a collaborative endeavor promoting the fine arts community along Highway 21 in Ontario’s West Coast. We encourage tourists and residents to visit these cultural destinations that include handmade art in many forms, public art installations, workshops, classes and many events. Enjoy Ontario, and all that it has to offer in the arts, and plan a drive along the Arts Trail on 21! Create your own self-guide and explore galleries, art schools,