Thank you for being interested in our YEAR OF THE BARN art show by donating a painting of a barn to the BAYFIELD CENTRE FOR THE ARTS. The funds raised will support the focus of the BCA and their workshops, events and appreciation of the arts and other artists.


This fundraising, non-juried art exhibition is planned to take place in our “barn” headquarters, 24 Main St N, Bayfield in the spring of 2021. (Date to be finalized and may be subject to change due to COVID restrictions)

All artists are invited to submit artworks on a 12 x 12” substrate that is at least 1 ½” thick in any style. Pieces will be gently screened for commercial viability. An official Donation receipt will be issued to artists for the sale price.

Size and Media:
Each painting should measure 12”x 12” and can be on a gallery wrapped deep canvas or wood panel ready for hanging (wire installed) or on paper if it is mounted on a hard surface or framed and ready for hanging

Any medium is allowed…acrylic, oil, watercolour, collage, pastels, ink, woodcut or other media. No Photography or mechanical reproductions will be accepted.

Please affix the card below on the back of each piece so that we can contact you.

Subject Matter:

Barns only : all angles, parts of barns ( such as doors or lofts), seasons or size. Focus is to be the barn or parts of a barn.


Kindly advise us that you will be participating by email

And give us your name, home address, email address and phone number


We are extending our deadline 3 weeks to allow more artists to submit. Please have your wrapped and identified painting completed and delivered/dropped off to the address below by April 6 2021.

Delivery address anytime is: ( covered porch)

c/o 15 Dow St
PO Box 122, Bayfield On.  N0M 1G0

Artists are invited to submit more than one piece. Art pieces must be delivered to the  address above by March 15 2021. Each piece must have a separate form attached to it and in a bag.

Artists will receive promotion on our website and other social media platforms. Unsold art will be available for pickup after the art show or can be donated to the BCA for future show and sales.

Details of show times will be posted on our Facebook page @bayfieldart

Thank-you for helping us educate others in the visual arts!

Sign up and get more info: