BCA proposes to install 6 sailboat sculptures, made of iron and powder coated, with “sails” made of lexan that are hand painted by artists and installed on Municipal properties in Bayfield. The Bayfield Sails Project intends to honour the marine history of Bayfield and Lake Huron with the design of the hulls replicating specific boats such as the Helen McLeod and the sailboats manufactured by Bayfield Boat Works. A permanent installation with changing “sails” every 1-2 years and sporting  QR code on each boat that will take the viewer to a page of local historical information and artist website/info, this project brings vitality and prosperity to the unique and beautiful village and public marina.

Submission Requirements

The BCA is inviting artists to respond to an open call to artists to participate in the Bayfield Sails Public Art Project. Artists are invited to submit artwork for consideration to be part of the project. The 6 selected artists will be invited to paint their designs on both sides ( reverse image) of lexan sails  that will be attached to a sailboat sculpture to be located in one of our community locations in Bayfield. The sails will be available for painting at the end of July and will be featured as part of a community art project for 2- three (3) years and will sport a QR code taking the viewer to the artists website or Facebook page.

Project Background Information

The BCA will be commissioning 6 artists to paint lexan sails to be part of the Bayfield Sails Pubic Art Project. This program is funded by a grant to enliven the community, attract tourism, inform the public on the marine history and create community pride while showcasing art and the creative blacksmithing of Jim Wallace of Sharpe’s Creek Forge.

The creation, the installation, and the process will be documented as part of a storytelling initiative. Lexan sails will be provided by Bayfield Centre for the Arts and delivered within a one-hour drive of Bayfield, or available for pickup at Sharpe’s Creek Forge, 36404 Huron Rd, Goderich, ON N7A 3X8 . All painting supplies will be supplied by the participating artists.

The goals of the Bayfield Sails Public Art Project are as follows:

  • To create distinct spaces for the community to gather and celebrate local marine history
  • To add artistic works to existing neighbourhood spaces;
  • To celebrate the unique beauty of Bayfield and Huron County
  • To beautify and unite public spaces through creative activities and artistic works;
  • To provide opportunities for emerging and established artists to showcase and share their work;
  • Contribute to the storytelling and awareness of Bayfield history
  • Tell unique stories of Bayfield in partnership with the artists whose work will be featured as part of the project.

Applicants are encouraged to respond to the call with a concept that explores one of more of the following themes:

  • Natural heritage features of Bayfield
  • Stories of  Lake Huron, the marina, the residents, or the village
  • Activities available in Bayfield
  • Bright, bold, and engaging images that add to the beautification of the area;
  • No foul language, political opinions, demeaning images, controversial concepts, or other inappropriate imagery will be accepted.

The artist fee for this project is $650.00 . This artist fee is inclusive of artist fees, paint, and supplies. Lexan Sails will be supplied.

Proposal Requirements

Sail DiagramArtists are invited to submit up to two images/concepts for consideration. Deadline for submission is AUGUST 26, 2022 by 5 p.m. Artists must submit all of the following supporting documentation with submission:

  1. Email containing up to two(2) concepts for consideration. Send to lsquirrell@bayfieldarts.ca with the Subject line: Bayfield Sails Entry
  2. Draw the sail shape to scale on a drawing surface no smaller than “8.5 x 11”, with a mast pole on the left and at 90-degree angle to the boom pole (ground) Actual sail will measure approx. 4.5 ft high x 3 ft wide.
  3. Paint, draw or otherwise depict your concept IN COLOUR within this sail shape and email the image to lsquirrell@bayfieldarts.ca along with :

Name, Address, Email address, Phone number, Website address, a bio including educational background and exhibition record ( if any)  and explanation of your image.( original hand-copies of the images can be delivered to the BCA if contacted ) The submission documents will not be returned. The selected artist will be paid in full for the completed artwork and the use of their image/work. The selected artists will retain all rights to the final design, but will allow the Bayfield Centre for the Arts  to reproduce the image/work for promotion of the project.

Selection Process

Images/work will be scored on the following criteria:

  • Artistic merit
  • Connection to project themes
  • Ability to carry out project
  • Aesthetic considerations

The BCA recognizes historic, systemic, and physical barriers have affected access to opportunities and resources for many people. While this opportunity is open to all, priority will be given to racialized individuals including those who identify as Indigenous, Black, and/or people of colour, 2SLGBTQ+, newcomers.

Images of Orillia’s Sixty Sails “ Project