Thanks to Huron County funding, the Bayfield Mural by artist Meaghan Kehoe is now completed!

As a first of its kind mural painted in Bayfield, and part of a mural trail planned for 6 communities in Huron County, the Bayfield mural is a huge success.

The sweeping organic edges of the east and west sides of the mural draw the eye from the plain walls of the Bayfield arena into a scene that perfectly reflects the indescribable elements of the beauty and attraction of the historic, beatific village of Bayfield.

Evening clouds and sunsets, birdlife…the Great Blue Heron is spectacular up close…. sailboats, sweet pea flowers and the big blue skies of Lake Huron are deftly depicted …in spray paint no less!… Oshawa artist Meaghan Kehoe.

Visit Bayfield and take your selfie beside the road sign painted just for this purpose.

Location: 4 Jane St Bayfield (arena wall)
Artist: Meaghan Kehoe
Funding: County of Huron | Economic Development