Much has been said and written about the small picturesque town of Bayfield Ontario since it was founded in the early 1800’s.

Because of the magical and enigmatic quality of the place, many come for the day and decide to stay for life…buying cottages, moving in retirement and choosing an idealic place to raise a family.

Painters and photographers have captured the very special sunsets in mid-summer, seen directly west over Lake Huron from the popular Pioneer Park, at the lake edge.

So, it isn’t such a stretch to find that in the fall of 2019 a small group of Bayfield community members gathered to explore the idea of developing a visual art centre with a big vision. This group believed that culture is the lifeblood of a vibrant community and the various organizations and offerings in Huron County needed one roof to bring them together, and offer more advanced programming and education.

From that first meeting the Bayfield Centre For The Arts was born (BCA)

Today BCA is embarking on a transformative campaign to build an innovative Visual Art Centre in the village that will enhance the many ways visitors experience the Lake Huron shores through the power of art.

As an economic recovery project post COVID, this art centre is poised to become an important stimulus to the Huron County economy.

Today, while COVID health and safety restrictions limit the number of attendees in workshops we are committed to finding locations that allow for workshops to take place safely, while also offering much needed community engagement opportunities.

Our first headquarters is the much-loved barn at 24 Main Street N, behind The Village Bookshop.

While we paint and do some upgrades and host strategic meetings we are planning workshops and experiences for the summer of 2021!  See Special Events!

Photos by Jack Pal



To further the appreciation of the visual arts, one experience at a time.


The Bayfield Centre For The Arts is the premiere visual arts organization in rural southwestern Ontario.


BCA values inclusivity, community engagement, and integrative learning.

(Image: L to R, Jack Pal, Debra MacArthur, Leslee Squirrell in front of the new headquarters at 24 Main St N Bayfield, Photo by John Rishworth)

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