What does the BCA have planned for 2021?? The Board of Directors for the Bayfield Centre For The Arts has been working very hard on developing some very exciting program offerings for 2021!
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Our Story

Bayfield Centre for the Arts is a promotor of creativity!

Every so often, we are lucky enough to experience a junction of people, place and purpose that enriches our lives in ways many of us have never even thought about before.

Now is such a time. Bayfield is such a place.

And the leaders of the Bayfield Centre for the Arts are dedicated to offering people of all ages –and all walks of life – numerous opportunities to experience the magic of the visual arts.

Step through the BCA door and explore paths as diverse as painting, sculpture, ceramics, calligraphy, new media, photography, culinary arts and more.

Maybe you are an expert looking for a place to deepen your understanding or a beginner with thoughts of trying something you have always wanted to do.

It doesn’t matter.

There is a place for you at BCA, from classes where you can learn new skills to exhibitions and lectures that enable you simply to gain insights and appreciate fresh perspectives….

on life and beauty… that arise from the imaginative creations of others.

Here you will experience film festivals, exhibitions of art from great collections from across the country.

Here you can learn from your peers, locals and experts.

Most important, here you will find a safe and welcoming place to let your imagination run free.

Come see us.

Open our door to your new world of imagination.



Apr 11
4:22 pm

"Create Together” Program - DELAYED Due to Lockdown. In anticipation of brighter days ahead, the Bayfield Centre For The Arts is hard at work envisioning a safe environment for community members and area residents  to engage in creative activity during the months of January – April 2021. Taking place in the Community Room at the Bayfield arena, with thanks to financial support from the Bruce Power “Winter Events.

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