Bayfield Centre for the Arts (BCA) is a promotor of creativity!

Bayfield Centre for the Arts is a promotor of creativity!

Every so often, we are lucky enough to experience a junction of people, place and purpose that enriches our lives in ways many of us have never even thought about before.

Now is such a time. Bayfield is such a place.

The Bayfield Centre for the Arts is dedicated to offering people opportunities to experience the magic of the visual arts through workshops as interesting as oil/water/acrylic painting, photography, culinary arts and more.

The BCA manages public art projects such as the Bayfield Mural on Jane St, the Sailboat Public Art Project funded by a grant from the Government of Canada and Federal Economic Development Agency, en plein air art classes, art exhibitions, photography weekends and other experiences in partnership with local organizations.

Here you can learn from your peers, locals and experts.

Come Create with us!


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    Bayfield Mural

    Thanks to Huron County funding, the Bayfield Mural by artist Meaghan Kehoe is now completed! As a first of its